Express Yourself Through Movement: Relaxation and Connection Through Movement Techniques

The Summer Cycle of Creative Movement Workshops for Women will take place in July and August in Ljubljana. The workshops will bring together a group of women from various ethnic and social backgrounds, ranging in age from 18. to 27 years old, in a creative and movement-oriented setting.


The purpose of the workshops is to facilitate stress relief, both physically and mentally, build trust, empower participants by boosting self-confidence and fostering free expression, as well as recognize individual talents among the participants.

The workshops will be conducted in a safe, neutral, and confidential space, and each session will also focus on fostering connections among the participants and deepening the bond between them. The workshops will provide participants with specific physical exercises (for relaxation, fitness maintenance) that they can then apply in their everyday lives. Indirectly, the workshops will also encourage the development and enhancement of certain soft skills. No previous dance experience is required.


The workshops will consist of:

1. exercises to improve physical fitness (including yoga, Pilates, and conditioning exercises),


2. exercises in improvisational movement and dance techniques, somatic relaxation practices, selected street theater exercises, voice relaxation techniques, and performative techniques,


3. relaxed conversation at the end of the workshop (reflection on the workshop and personal experiences, opening up discussions related to women’s roles and positions in everyday life, interpersonal family relationships, dynamics of integration and social inclusion, physical and mental health, etc.).


The techniques and topics in the workshops will be selected based on the expressed and perceived needs of the participants. The workshops within the cycle will be interconnected and build upon each other (with each session guided by a specific theme), while also functioning as individual units.

The cycle will begin with an initial gathering and dinner, followed by four workshops that will take place once a week. It will conclude with a discussion and socializing among the participants over dinner.

The cycle also includes one (free) visit to an event/show of choice, selected by the participants and workshop facilitator (for example, at Cankarjev dom, Festival Ljubljana, etc.).


The program schedule is as follows:

Opening gathering with dinner: July 10, 2023, from 18:00 to 20:30 CET.

Workshop dates July 17, July 24, July 31, August 7, from 18:00 to 21:00.

Closing evening with dinner: 9. 8. 2023, 18:00 – 20:30.

You can sign up through the form available; HERE:


The workshops will be led by Hana Alhadi.

Hana Alhadi has over 15 years of experience in researching and practicing various movement and dance techniques, which she combines with elements of performing arts. As a dance artist, she has developed her skills through formal and informal dance education in contemporary dance and other dance techniques, as well as through creating her own works and collaborating on group dance projects.

In recent years, she has been combining her dance and movement knowledge with professional work involving vulnerable groups and academic pursuits. She has been developing dance and movement workshops that promote empowerment, trust-building, and relaxation, particularly among vulnerable groups. At an academic level, she has been engaging in intercultural education and exploring the role of using various artistic methods in empowerment and fostering social cohesion.


The workshops are free of charge, but the number of spots is limited. The condition for acceptance is the willingness to participate in all scheduled sessions, with priority given to participants from diverse backgrounds who are interested in participating in the research study. The workshops are funded within the research project dRad, which aims to deepen the understanding of the role of creativity and sports in processes of social cohesion. Participation in the research is anonymous. Vulnerable participants will be provided with a small financial support in the form of pocket money vouchers for their attendance throughout the entire cycle of workshops and meetings.

Location: The workshops will be held in the vicinity of the city center. The exact location will be communicated to interested participants who sign up through the online form.




Additional information:

Romana: / 031 338 616


Workshops are funded by d.Rad project and organised in collaboration with Institute of African Studies.

You can learn more about dRad project here: